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. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can make better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. #%tiaintroducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. >>> time now for a political gut check of the morning. the white house is reviewing all u.s. surveillance programs after reports national security agency was spying on some 35 world leaders and the top senator on the senate intelligence committee says he is totally opposed to that surveillance and that data collection will not continue. cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here to talk more about all of this. it's pretty interesting where things have gotten with this spying controversy, john. the white house is saying they're going to review the spying policy of foreign leaders but dianne feinstein, she is not happy. she says she's been kept in the dark and wants a further review that she's going to spreer heea.
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an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >>> big questions, big questions we have no nischelle turner. kanye west wearing quite a jacket jacket. you don't have to answer for kanye, but what was his point? >> i'm definitely not in his head. not too many are. he says and is it a lot of things that leave everybody says umm. this could be another one of them. he was captured by the paparazzi wearing this jacket over the weekend. every move that kanye makes is captured by the paparazzi, so you have to think he knew he would be photographed in it. he says, and i just want to quote what he says, in an interview later on about this, he said react how you want. any energy is good energy. you know the confederate flag represented slavery in a way, that's my abstract take, so i made the song new slaves. so i took the confederate flag and made it my flag. now what are you going to do. so when you think about it you think is he coo-coo here? but it seems like he's doing what a lot of african americans and hip hop artists have done with
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3